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I need suggestions for a computer to buy!

Posted by arsenalfan411 on Jul 03, 2012

I need some suggestions for some potential computers to purchase. Here are the requirements I have:
- Lightweight (no more than like 4.5 lbs)
-Long battery life
-13.3 in or 14.1 in screen
- Fast processor (3rd Gen. i5?)
- No less than 6 GB of RAM
- Preferably with a big HDD and a smaller SSD
- Not too expensive (no more than like $900m, but I'm flexible)
- Windows 8 compatible
- It would be great if it qualified for the Microsoft deal for a free xBox 360

Does this computer exist!?
Thank you so much!!

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6 nonzz on Jul 18, 2012
Level 2 i bought an acer aspire v3 and its lightweight, has great battery life, a 15.6 inch screen, a intel pentium 2.2 Ghz processor, 8 gb of ram, 750 gb HDD, it costed about $690, it is windows 8 compatible, and its a great laptop

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