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What to expect from Android Jelly Bean?

Posted by Gamester on Apr 05, 2012

Hi guys. There are more and more information about Android 5.0, and I'm wondering what Google will cook up :) Will be there any general innovations....


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Reply Level 9 1 Immortal on Apr 06, 2012

It is all rumours but so far that is the info I have:
1. There is rumour Jelly Beam will include Google Chrome preinstalled
2. Google will introduce Lock Screen Widgets
3. Introduction of power management app
4. There will be a light version of the OS called "Jelly Beam light"
5. More customizable themes

Reply Level 1 12 awsan on May 08, 2012

i think they need to make it lighter on the device and fix some stability issues

Reply Level 9 13 Immortal on May 08, 2012

It is not out yet :D how do you know they need to make it lighter

Reply Level 1 15 awsan on May 09, 2012

i meant from the current 4.0 :)

Reply Level 7 20 I.P.K. on May 15, 2012

I want, Google to solve the problem with the fragmentation :)

Reply Level 9 21 Immortal on May 15, 2012

Good one... fragmentation has always been the biggest android is still not noticeable with ICS because of the low number of devices that pass the requirements but i`m sure Cyanogen will ruin that...I`ve read of a Japanese game developer testing its apps on more then 400 wonder iOS apps are better developer need to test only on the target device

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