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Element ELCHS321 not saving channels after power off

Posted by jholt5638 on Dec 23, 2011

The problem I am having is the fact that after turning on the TV and doing a channel scan it picks up all the channels, but when I turn it off and back on the channels are lost and I have to do a scan again

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1 leviathan on Dec 27, 2011
Level 4 Take a look in your manual (or contact Element's support) to see if this particular TV set has the Shop mode and how to turn it off. If the mode is on, you might not be able to save the channels before turning it off or changing it to standard mode. Also see if you have the latest available firmware installed and if not, upgrade if possible.
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2 Immortal on Dec 27, 2011
Level 9 Let us know what happened after you followed @leviathan instructions and we`ll assist you further if needed

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