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Sony VAIO SVF11N13CXS Questions & Answers

Fanless mode

Posted by PhilippeHamelin on Feb 14, 2014

Since this computer is based on Intel low power Bay Trail chip set, is there a way to set a completely silent mode?

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1 Chubaka on Feb 17, 2014
Level 4 I don't think you can turn off the fan completely...try different power managment
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2 PhilippeHamelin on Feb 18, 2014
Level 1 I do not have a FIT 11A FLIP to try. I am looking for a more definitive answer like yes or no. If the fan cannot be turned off, then I will buy a fanless one like Asus T100T. After a while cooling fans get dirty and must be cleaned. It is a big nuisance.

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