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HTC One X Questions & Answers

Great phone, with some flaws....

Posted by I.P.K. on Mar 30, 2012

Yeah, finally I had a chance to play with this phone. First impressions are positive :) It's display is 4.7'', but looks smaller, because of the tiny frame. The phone is very sleek. New Sense is easier to use. The camera is very fast, the pictures not so great. You can shoot slow mo videos. Gallery lags, despite there were around 10 pics. Actually everything else was blazing fast. Games are running flawless. While watching video, the screen rotate automatically which was annoying for me. I played with the phone around 10 minutes and it was hot at the end (quad-core for the win :D ). I love this phone :D


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Reply Level 5 1 DaddyChicken on Mar 30, 2012

Was Sense 4 laggy like previous versions? I hate when you get lag flipping screens, or opening a drawer or something.

Reply Level 7 5 I.P.K. on Apr 02, 2012

No, only the gallery is laggy. Everything else is blazing fast :D

Reply Level 9 8 Immortal on Apr 09, 2012

That would be strange I`m not used to Sense not being laggy :D

Reply Level 5 9 DaddyChicken on Apr 10, 2012

Yeah, I had lag on my last couple of HTC devices. That's why I dumped the Sensation when I had it. Too bad! Gorgeous phone!

Engadget was reporting a screen flex issue on this device. Anyone else see that?

Reply Level 7 13 I.P.K. on Apr 18, 2012

I didn't see any problem with the screen, and about the lag...on Rhyme the lag is minimal, barely visible.

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