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Musical Fidelity M1PWR News

Musical Fidelity M1PWR Power Amp Introduced at CES 2012

Musical Fidelity M1PWR Power Amp Introduced at CES 2012 Created by MG15 on Jan 11, 2012

For 2012 Musical Fidelity continues a two year run of defining and refining its new range of products with the introduction of a revised and improved, version II, V-series as well as new models in the M-series.

Following the fanfare of the M1-series' DAC, HPA headphone amp, and recently-introduced M1ViNL phono M1CLiC network music player, at CES 2012 we are happy to introduce the innovative new M1PWR 60wpc stereo power amplifier. It features a new Musical Fidelity-designed topology that doubles its power into 4 ohms and has the ability to be switched to act as a 100w mono amplifier. In the Musical Fidelity tradition of excellence, it provides compelling sonics, fantastic measured performanc... »read more

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