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Marantz PM6004 News

Marantz Bows the PM6004 Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Marantz Bows the PM6004 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Created by MG1 on Sep 19, 2011

The latest amp from Marantz is an upgrade to their well received PM6003. Along with minor improvements and tweaks, the 6004 features one big change. Unlike former amps from the company, the PM6004 doesn't have a single amplifier integration circuit. Both the pre-amplification and power amplification sections use their own discrete components. Marantz says that this is not only a performance increase, but a way for the company to refine the sound even more on an individual basis.
Everything else from the 6003 remains in place, including the Toroidal transformer, capacitors, heat sink mounted transistor and the same inputs. The sound has been improved though, with a greater focus on balance... »read more

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