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Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Questions & Answers

What is the best Windows Phone 7 device so far?

Posted by jonathan1250 on Dec 07, 2011

Which windows phone 7 handset is the best in your opinion and why? If you compare it to similar Android device, what will be the weakest sides of WP7?


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Reply Level 6 1 WingMan on Dec 07, 2011

HTC Titan takes the win for me. 1.5GHz processor, 4.7-inch display, etc. HTC Radar is a bit smaller and slower if this is too huge for your taste. As for the second question, personally I'd go for the Android alternative. Its a pretty complete OS at the moment and Windows Phone is too new for me to go that direction. It needs more polishing.

Reply Level 7 2 I.P.K. on Dec 08, 2011

Samsung Focus S is the optimal choice between HTC Titan and HTC Radar, for me. It has top hardware and not so big screen. The weakest side is the low number of apps for Win phone 7.

Reply Level 2 3 ChiX017 on Dec 08, 2011

Do not forget its not about hardware buts software....andriod lags, windows does not..

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