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Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Questions & Answers

os windows phone 7.5??

Posted by shubhamsri007 on Mar 09, 2012

I want to know what r the various small short comings of windows phone 7.5.
like sumbdy told me tat it has no file manager and u cant send files over bluetooth??

pls help me

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not rated
1 sgrinavi on Mar 09, 2012
Level 4 Your source is correct on both counts. No file manager and no files over bluetooth, although I have seen an app that let you send photos over bluetooth
not rated
2 shubhamsri007 on Mar 21, 2012
Level 2 what r its other shortcomings....?
3 sgrinavi on Mar 21, 2012
Level 4 Not a great selection of Apps (when you compare it to iOS or Android), closed operating system, not a great selection of phones available...

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