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Apple iPhone 4s Questions & Answers

Apple will be holding an event 4-th of October, iPhone 5 unveiling or not?

Posted by Dexter on Sep 22, 2011

Next media event that Apple will be holding is coming soon - on October 4. I've read tons of speculation and rumors about the next iPhone device(s) and still nothing indicates what exactly will be announced.

What do you think the new CEO Tim Cook will present? A completely redesigned iPhone 5 or just a spec-boosted iPhone 4s? Or both?


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Reply Level 9 1 Immortal on Sep 22, 2011

I saw some rumours Tim Cook will be presenting iPhone 5, but i don`t think that it will be certain until the event itself comes :)

Reply Level 2 2 FlameDemon on Sep 23, 2011

Oh dear, techs are developed year after year, thus, next-generation iPhone or iPad have to appear someday, sooner or later. So, don't worry, at the end of this year or in the beginning of 2012, it'll possibly come. Personally, I think the current iPhone 4 is far too much for most of the users around the world. It's too good to be replaced by upcoming successors (like iPhone 4GS or 5 according to rumors). People want something newer and stronger but not everyone actually needs it. And even the iPad 2 is also too good to be replaced by iPad 3. I'm now using the iPad 1, can you believe it since my friends changed to iPad 2 already? I believe iPad 1 can still help me to work and entertain.

Reply Level 3 3 raghu.s1432 on Sep 23, 2011

i hate apple

Reply Level 4 4 leviathan on Sep 23, 2011

Fingers crossed for iPhone 5. Doesn't really care if they upgrade the cpu power of the 4, I just want to see some fresh new design.

Reply Level 3 5 Cyrax on Sep 26, 2011

I believe its time they revamp the look of the OS. For me the iPhone stopped being worth upgrading. The 3GS is just fine.

Reply Level 5 6 Dexter on Sep 27, 2011

Of course you can be perfectly happy with 1st gen as long as it is operating properly, but that's not what the thread is about. :)

I really doubt any future redesigns of the OS (unless they go for completely new advanced and more complicated mobile OS).

On the OS side - the much anticipated notification system is coming with the 5th ver of the iOS as well as (rumor) Voice controlled personal assistant who will be sending emails and do stuff at your command, which IMO will be super-cold. Again, nothing ground-breaking, but if done properly - great stuff. There's also a mention of Wolfram Alpha integration, so you would be able to just ask the phone something complicated and it'll give you an answer. :) And by asking, I mean literally ask your iPhone, so back-to-the-future. :) Check out the rumors here:​the-new-iphone/

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