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Microsoft Windows 8 Questions & Answers

Anyone tried the Windows 8 consumer preview?

Posted by Dexter on Mar 01, 2012

I've downloaded it but haven't got a chance to install it yet, tomorrow maybe... I'll probably do a clean install on a separate partition. Last time I used a virtualization software it was way slow and had trouble with drivers...

Anyone tried it yet? First impressions?

Download here:​n-US/windows-8/download


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Reply Level 7 1 I.P.K. on Mar 02, 2012

Tonight I will install it on VM and have some fun at the weekend :)

Reply Level 5 2 Dexter on Mar 02, 2012

I managed to find some time and install Windows 8 consumer preview 64-bit on a separate partition, just like a regular Windows install. Just downloaded the .iso and baked it to a DVD. I didn't expected to be prompted for a serial key, but it happened, so it's good to get that prepared before your installation begins. Here's what I found in Microsoft's FAQ section: NF32V-Q9P3W-7DR7Y-JGWRW-JFCK8. It works. Everything went through smoothly, 1 system reboot and within 20 minutes I was prompted to create a new account. If you have windows live (hotmail) account you will be able to use it for logging in and for accessing the skydrive and app store.

My first impressions are extremely positive. It works fast, its fluid and interesting due to the new GUI. I had to use it for a little over 30 minutes just to get most of the navigation tricks while using keyboard and mouse. In Desktop mode (win 7) It has a "Hot Corners" that brings you to the menus. Right top or bottom corner is where you'll find the Control Panel, Power Off button as well as some other stuff, and the left top one shows all your open windows and apps. Closing an app is from the top left menu > right click > close. You can also take it from the top (the entire window) and drag it to the bottom with your mouse which will also close it. Start menu is dead and instead the bottom left hand corner is taking you to the main app screen (the one with metro style apps all over it).

I couldn't find any problems installing regular windows 7 apps like dropbox, dexpot and some video codecs, along with some free apps from the Store. The mail and the rest of the fullscreen "Metro" apps are a lot like Windows Phone and the entire interface seems nice and fresh. If you happen to be stuck with something, like finding out how to enter your password on the login screen, just drag it up or use common tablet gestures.

If you have any questions or want a screenshot or something, shoot. :)

Reply Level 9 3 Immortal on Mar 02, 2012

Nice! Upload screenshots somewhere I`ll be very interested to take a look :) I`ll try to find some time to install it this weekend as well

Reply Level 7 4 I.P.K. on Mar 05, 2012

Well, I tried it :D Works very well on VM, faster than Win 7. The interface is...different, but not bad, more complicated. Windows 8 is compatible with most of the things I use in Win 7. No problems with games and other programs. I just don't get the idea of the ugly fish :D

Reply Level 9 5 Immortal on Mar 06, 2012

The "ugly fish":D is called betta...Windows 8 Beta...get it? :D​etta

Reply Level 7 6 I.P.K. on Mar 06, 2012

OMG :D:D:D I've never have a fish called Beta :D

Reply Level 5 7 Dexter on Mar 12, 2012

Something pretty useful - Start Menu for windows 8. Haven't tried it yet as I just found out about it, but it gets me pretty excited as I was really attached to the good ol' functionality of the start button. Will post later when I test it out.


Reply Level 2 8 nick_bajwa on Mar 13, 2012

nt yet dexter.willl try soon.

Reply Level 4 9 sgrinavi on Mar 15, 2012

I installed it on a spare laptop : first impressions are positive - fast, fluid and fairly intuitive. I think it's going to be awesome on a tablet.

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