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ASRock MultiBook M15 black/W7HP Questions & Answers

Problem with keyboard

Posted by slaor on Jan 27, 2012

I have one of there notebooks with an extrange problem, either in windows or dos or whatever i do, some of the keys in the keyboard does not respond the way they're supposed to... eg. In Windows if i press E key (only E) i get "my pc windows" opened... or pressing R (just R) get "Execute windows"... and the rest kinda that ... and in dos some other keys does not even respond to any action and do not show anything... but the particular in this is that there're not the same keys the ones have this kindda problem... either windows or dos...
If someone has any idea about this kind of problem I'd be very grateful with him. :) thanks in advance.

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2 Immortal on Jan 31, 2012
Level 9 Seems like your Windows button is stuck :D remove it and see if the rubber bellow it is stuck....
PS. The windows button is between the Ctrl and Alt...
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1 Nitro on Jan 30, 2012
Level 3 Did you happen to spill something on your notebook? It could also be a windows only issue. If you type in a TXT document, do all letters work as they should? If no you can try running a live distribution of Ubuntu from a flash drive to check if everything works there. If so your Windows is the issue, if not you should go to e repair center to have your notebook checked for hardware issues.

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