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Skullcandy Avaitors vs. Beats studio's??

Posted by ChiX017 on Sep 03, 2011

I luV d retro look n low price bt.....??

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2 Immortal on Sep 05, 2011
Level 9 I don`t know about the others but I don`t have the remotest idea what your question is :) If you write your questions in more understandable way the chance of getting an answer will improve ;)
1 shafboy on Sep 05, 2011
Level 3 Beats Studios might be expensive, but it is definitely worth it for what you pay.
3 Dexter on Sep 05, 2011
Level 5 The Aviators have an interesting look, and might be appealing for some, but the sound and quality isn't good enough for the price. However, If you're going to listen hip-hop they should be just fine, as the Aviators are Jay-Z's answer to the fashion headphones demand. Of course, as it has been mentioned quite often in regards to the fancy headphones carrying someone's name, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives worth looking at. Consider brands like Grado, AKG, Audio Technica or Sennheiser.
4 Crossblade on Sep 09, 2011
Level 5 Hands down - Beats are 100 times better than any Skullcandy.
not rated
5 ChiX017 on Sep 09, 2011
Level 2 Lol, thanks guys...

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