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what phone so confused

Posted by amiah109 on Jun 09, 2012

well i have a nokia e72 and i really want a new phone,
At first i looked at blackberrys because they have a qwerty keyboard and push email and also bmm witch all my friends have so i could stay in contact with them but then i started looking into androind phones with qwerty keyboards because they have such a wide variety of apps but idk if there is an app like bbm that will work for all platforms of os so i looked in to the motorola droid and milestone but they have bad reveiws and i dont want a phone that breaks within the first 6 months so im really split intio 2 between the blackberry bold 9900 and the motorola milestone/droid 4

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3 DaddyChicken on Jun 10, 2012
Level 5 Here is my two cents.

1. Decide if BBM is important to you. At this moment...there is no Android app for that. If this is a dealbreaker....stick with the blackberry.

2. QWERTY keyboards on android... ahhhh... I see your train of thought. I once subscribed to it. I was a long time blackberry user. My first Android device was the HTC Desire Z. It had a QWERTY keyboard. I thought it was a must. I learned something from that phone, and my subsequent others. On Android it just doesn't matter as the screen sizes are huge. Any device with a 4" screen or larger, and you will find the on screen keyboard just fine. I know... I found it out. And I have meat hooks for hands. The fact of the matter is, unless you write hundreds of emails or very detailed emails daily, I don't think it's a factor anymore. But to each their own.

3. From a guy who hops on and off airplanes weekly, I can tell you Blackberry quality isn't where it once was. They are not the solid devices they once were. I had replaced 3 in a 4 month span and I consider myself a careful user of these devices. That said, I haven't had a problem with any reputable Android device. (Motorola's tend to have amazing build quality, and great materials used. But Samsung's are great too.)

If they keyboard is a must, and you want an Android, I would go with the Droid4. I am Canadian and I can't heartily recommend a Blackberry, but hey...if it floats your boat, and suits your needs best, then go for it. But do yourself a favor and go and physically handle both devices first. And before you settle on a physical keyboard Android...check out a 4" touch screen or larger device. Try texting, emailing, etc. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
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1 thegrinreaper on Jun 10, 2012
Level 2 i dont know your budget so it is really difficult to recommend one phone
also mention where you live as support is a very important factor

here are some suggestions
mid range:Sony xperia Mini Pro

if you are gonna buy a large screened phone you could do with virtual keypad + swype

if your friends use BB then you have no option...just buy a BB..if not dont even look at that shit

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