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Best mobile OS

Posted by shafboy on Aug 18, 2011

Hey I want to know people's overall opinions on the best Mobile OS and why they think it is the best.


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Reply Level 2 11 ChiX017 on Aug 25, 2011

yh...i read about that, i think searay might be Nokia 800 thou

Reply Level 3 12 shafboy on Aug 26, 2011

What bout the XXX?

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Reply Level 2 13 shubhamsri007 on Aug 28, 2011

guys till now i have use symbian and android and i found android far more better than anything else

Reply Level 3 16 shafboy on Aug 29, 2011

Have u tried using iOS or Windows Phone 7?

Reply Level 2 14 Lizzard on Aug 29, 2011

I will wait for Nokia with Win phone 7....I think it will be great...

Reply Level 3 15 shafboy on Aug 29, 2011

Yeahhh same, but im with my HTC windows phone till its contract renewal time

Reply Level 9 17 Immortal on Nov 04, 2011

Android FTW :) flexible, fast, updated frequently, lightweight, much software...perfect mobile OS

Reply Level 1 18 mekj4ever on Nov 12, 2011

i like android because i can personalize my phone phone through it its the best for me don't be offend if i don't like your OS i'm just giving my own opinion

Reply Level 7 19 I.P.K. on Nov 14, 2011

There is no such a thing "the best OS". Every OS has its pros and cons. For my needs, Android is perfect.

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