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Why android phones have larger screens and dimensions (than the iphone)?

Posted by leviathan on Jan 19, 2012

There are some theories why android phones evolved to 4+" displays and that's considered a "standard" size (if not small, considering the Galaxy Nexus and it's 4.65" display).

First being the way android renders the information on the display (same way windows does it) and to avoid text and icons becoming too small with increased resolution they had to increase the display's dimensions (physical size).

Second being the bigger physical size of the LTE chip + the increased power consumption, resulting in larger (wide and height) phone dimensions while still keeping the thickness at minimum.

What do you guys think?


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Reply Level 4 1 sgrinavi on Jan 19, 2012

Ya, sure, but at the end of the day MOAR screen sells more phones ;)

Reply Level 7 2 I.P.K. on Jan 19, 2012

I have nothing against big displays :)

Reply Level 5 3 DaddyChicken on Jan 21, 2012

I think android devices did the "bigger is better" slogan. Think about it. There are a dozen or so companies building android devices, each trying to differentiate their device from the next. Cell phones just became the evolution of the "mine's bigger than yours" mantra. I find the whole thing ironic. Remember 10 years ago? Every company was trying to make their devices smaller and smaller? Now... Size does matter. ; )

Reply Level 1 4 will-kill-for-exclus on Jan 28, 2012

google android is all about flexibility,

what if i like a physical keyboard,(slide out type)
what if i want a huge screen(galaxy note),
what if i want a qwerty keyboard below screen(la blackberry or moto admiral)

what if i want a smartphone for very less money(had a LG optimus one for over a year)

what if i want an expensive device with premium feel(lg prada 3.0, droid razr)

what if i want a huge battery, (RAZR maxx)

what if i am a hacker and developer (LG is pretty cool about it, T-mob G2X)

what if i only have a service center of just one company in my area......(i have a LG and Samsung and SonyEricsson service center in my area but not Apple, blackberry and HTC.)

with apple, no sir, this is it , buy it or not,
the product WILL NOT adapt for u , u need 2 adapt to the product, ..........yeah right !!!!!

i am writing this from my samsung galaxy R

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