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Intel's Ultrabook - what do you think?

Posted by leviathan on Mar 07, 2012

I have been thinking about getting an ultra-portable notebook lately, and my choices are either MacBook Air or one of the ASUS ultrabooks (13"). However, I just read that Intel is entering the Ultrabook business with a slim white 13" notebook.

Is this going to be an Intel branded notebook and how do you expect it to compare next to the other 'ultrabooks' currently available?

This is the Intel device I looked at:​any/82/Intel/news/23324/Intel+​Ivy+Bridge+touchscreen+Ultrabo​ok+reference+design


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Reply Level 4 1 sgrinavi on Mar 10, 2012

I'm not really sure what sets it apart from the other devices that use the same processor, chipset and SSD - I cant see how it could be much better than the new Dell 13. Are they trying to compete with Apple and be a one stop shop?

Reply Level 4 2 leviathan on Mar 12, 2012

You should look at some reviews of the new Dell XPS 13. It does look like one hell of a beauty, but I wouldn't go for it.

Low res screen + touchpad issues. Here​/6/2848346/dell-xps-13-review

Reply Level 4 3 sgrinavi on Mar 13, 2012

I'm waiting for the Macbook Pro update.....

Reply Level 4 4 leviathan on Mar 13, 2012

Any idea when they are going to update the Macbook Pro line? My firts choice would've been a 13" Macbook Pro but at the current specs, l think the Air is the better device for the money. If Apple fit a higher resolution screen in the new Pro's I'm all in for one. And I'm pretty sure they will, looking at the new iPad...

Reply Level 4 6 sgrinavi on Mar 14, 2012

Are they going to have a 13" pro? I would think they would keep the 11's and 13's to the Air line and the 15's & 17's on the Pro line. No idea when, hard to say with Apple when or what is going to happen

Reply Level 4 12 sgrinavi on Mar 16, 2012

How about a 15" Air?​gory/54/Notebooks/news/23461/A​pple+to+launch+15-inch+MacBook+Air+in+April%2C+r​eport+claims

Reply Level 7 5 I.P.K. on Mar 13, 2012

Intel will not release some extraordinary ultrabook, they are just entering this segment on the market :)

Reply Level 4 7 sgrinavi on Mar 14, 2012

Has it been confirmed that they are even entering the retail lap-top business?

Reply Level 7 8 I.P.K. on Mar 14, 2012

We should wait until Ivy Bridge comes out, for now just rumors

Reply Level 4 9 sgrinavi on Mar 14, 2012

You think that IB is going to have a huge impact in the ultrabook market?​5626/ivy-bridge-preview-core-i7-3770k/10

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