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it does everything.

Posted by tript3 on Feb 09, 2010

it does everything.


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Reply Level 3 2 bambang on Feb 11, 2010

well not everything though. it still cannot play some of video file, such as Mkv, especially if you're fan of HD movies ( in this case downloading movies) most of the HD movies are in Mkv format & since PS3 can only read MP4 thar means you have to convert it to mp4 formated.
which mean it doesn't do everything

Reply Level 1 3 drixlo on Feb 12, 2010

I do agree with the statement. The ps3 has many capabilities but lacks some making it the ultimate machine. It is still a great piece of equipment that my wife and I enjoy to have.

Reply Level 2 4 bluesaphire on Feb 23, 2010

love gaming on this piece...

Reply Level 2 5 bluesaphire on Feb 23, 2010

@bambang..why only also reads most of the xvid videos also...tried vob files like a treat..

Reply Level 2 6 LVtechaddict on Mar 04, 2010

Well I finally broke down and have one on layaway. I can't wait to get it. I've been a die hard wii fan but I'm tired of all the good games coming out on PS3/Xbox360 and not wii.

Reply Level 2 7 slash_1001 on Mar 04, 2010

Just make sure you use it to its full potential. I have friends who don't have anything extra on it no movies music anything and its sad to see.

Reply Level 2 8 mcalkins on Mar 04, 2010

I do not have one yet but the more I think about it, if im going to have a console why not one that has some of they best games out there, can play blu-ray movies, and stream music and video content from my home network.

Reply Level 2 9 neanderthals on Mar 04, 2010

I mean with xbox, you have to pay monthly fee + game cost while ps3 doesnt have monthly access fee for online gaming

Reply Level 2 10 soopaman2010 on Mar 04, 2010

Free online is def a plus for the PS3 I think it's also by far the best and most future proof system.. It has the capabilities to be around for another couple of years without the need to make a new system plus developers are still learnin new things to do with it.

Reply Level 3 11 gorden on Mar 04, 2010

It's cool one! We are watching clips from youtube! Playing with our friends form another city!

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