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Enermax DreamBass AP001 improves laptop audio output

Enermax DreamBass AP001 improves laptop audio output Created by MG15 on Feb 03, 2012

Well, ehm Enermax is releasing the DreamBass AP001, a new USB device that seeks to improve the audio capabilities of your laptop. It's only for headphones and microphones though, it won't do anything for your internal speakers. It's based on a VIA VT1620A USB 2.0 2-channel HD audio CODEC for stereo output with 24-bit resolution and 96 kHz sample-rate. It has a signal-noise ratio of 80~90 dBA, which is not much of a departure from most laptops' HDA CODECs, if it isn't for the MOSFET-based amplifier circuit packed into the DreamBass AP001, that's capable of 80Hz/+6dB Bass. It has a 3.5 mm stereo jack and mic input. Enermax also has a variant called the AP001E, which includes earphones that hav... »read more

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