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Can The Anthem PVA 5 be bridged?

Posted by AVPCEO on Jul 15, 2011

I have an Anthem PVA 5 that I want to run bridged.
Has anyone ever done this on this amp? The official manual does not say it is bridgeable,
but the specs here on this website say it is possible. Please respond if you know. Thanks

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1 MR_MM on Jul 18, 2011
Level 2 I don't think it can be bridged....At least it would be shown at the back of the amp.
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2 Immortal on Jul 18, 2011
Level 9 I read the manual and the specifications page very carefully and I can`t find any info that you can actually use a bridge with this amp, so if I were you I wouldn`t try :)
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3 MG2 on Jul 19, 2011
Level 10 Thank you guys for the input, its an honest mistake that was fixed thanks to you. As much as we try to give perfect specs, some errors like this one still may occur, we are only human after all.

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