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What class of car amplifier is best?

Posted by Drifter on Jun 10, 2011

I'm looking to build myself a nice sounding system and I'm looking for a 4channel amp to drive my speakers. Ok, the power rating is the only thing I know what it means, but which class (A,B,D, A/B) will provide me with the best quality sound with as little as possible distortions?


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Reply Level 2 2 whatnot on Jun 10, 2011

Class A/B (first choice) or class D (second choice) would fit your needs.

Reply Level 3 3 Balistic on Jun 13, 2011

Whatnot said it right. Class A/B will give you far less distortion than class D, but will get hot pretty quickly.

Reply Level 2 4 Zildjian10 on Jun 13, 2011

Drifter, what manufacturers do you consider, have you picked a model yet or still researching?

Reply Level 2 5 Drifter on Jun 15, 2011

DLS, JL, Audiobahn, JBL, PIoneer, Audison. Pretty much every solid brand out there.

Reply Level 2 6 outdated on Jun 15, 2011

DLS ftw, man. I've had my time with one custom build system, it sure stands up it's slogan Super Natural Sound. The system was build with Pioneer high-end player, Performance K6 (entry level DLS speakers) front and rear speakers and Performance W312D subwoofer in a custom closed (no port) box and 4-channel DLS Reference amp for the front line and sub (bridged). I don't have an ear and knowledge for pro-opinion, but I'd say that was the best sound I've heard in a car.

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