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5.1 channel speakers

Posted by Harish on Feb 27, 2012

I have a philips 5.1 channel speakers and i want to connect it to my desktop. I need to know what all devices i need to interface the speakers to my desktop.
Please help me.
thanks and regards

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2 Immortal on Feb 27, 2012
Level 9 We can provide more info if you tell us your soundcard and surround model...meanwhile you can take a look at this link:​indows-tips/how-to-connect-51-speakers-to-your-computer/
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1 I.P.K. on Feb 27, 2012
Level 7 Can you tell us which model you have? I think you can connect your home theater directly to your PC or you will need receiver....
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3 WingMan on Feb 28, 2012
Level 6 Cables. One of the following, depending on your speakers input, also you may need 3 or 1 set, again it depends on the speakers.​/700-001.jpg​tereo%20cable.jpg
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4 leviathan on Feb 28, 2012
Level 4 And don't forget to test it with 5.1 source to get output from all speakers. After figuring out the connection issues.
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5 Harish on Mar 02, 2012
Level 1 Sorry i had forgot to mention the model.
Philips 5.1 Home Theatre System DSP-35E.
This system is for TV.
Thanks for posts.
Please do help.
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6 Dexter on Mar 02, 2012
Level 5 It is a bit of a guess, but have you tried with cable 3.5mm stereo jack to RCA? This is the cable you need (as mentioned above):

What you need to make sure before getting 3 of the above cables is to see what audio ports you have on your computer. If you're on a desktop machine is very likely to have Headphones + Mic + Line In. If that's the case you'll only need cables.

This will not work if your 5.1 relies on a power from the DVD, but I think your 5.1 is self powered.
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8 aileenalesx on May 20, 2013
Level 1 I was looking for such information and so pleased to find here. I'm also using a 5:1 Panasonic Home Theatre System DSP-35E and wanted to do same process. Hopefully here mentioned ways will be helpful for me. Perth electricians Thanks.

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