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What's the advantage of the mirrorless cameras over DSLRs?

Posted by barryween on Sep 09, 2011

Besides the smaller size, are there any significant benefits you'd get with mirrorless cameras, if you want the highest possible image quality? I'd really appreciate if someone knowledgeable on the subject write some pros/cons of the mirrorless cameras, thanks.


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Reply Level 7 1 I.P.K. on Sep 09, 2011

Pros: every mirrorless camera has video mode
Cons: slower autofocus, no optical viewfinder

About the size and weight is debatable...

Reply Level 5 2 Dexter on Sep 12, 2011

Mirrorless cameras are quite appealing for the photographer-on-the-go because of their smaller form factor, especially paired with a "pancake" type of lens. However, some people find them not as comfortable to hold, as opposed to the DSLRs which are larger and fit better in hand.

Some of the Pro's of the mirrorless cameras: smaller & lighter, discrete, better video implementation, user friendly.

And some of the Cons: limited lens choices, slower fps and AF, no optical viewfinder, no option for extended battery.

I think the current level of overall quality of the mirrorless cameras will improve dramatically in the near future, and will probably become even more closer to the DSLRs. IMO the mirrorless cameras are perfect for vacation/travel, deliver great JPEGs and are surely, the greatest DSLR companion in your gadget drawer. Sony's new NEX cameras are perfect example of a mirrorless camera I'd like to have in my pocket.

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