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i want to buy sony Play station

Posted by deepak_gamit on Dec 15, 2011

i am about buy sony PS 3 slim is it ok? or there is any other batter than this?

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2 Blade on Dec 15, 2011
Level 2 There are more games for Xbox :)
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3 Immortal on Dec 15, 2011
Level 9 I`d personally go for Blade said there are more for the performance you won`t see any difference. Bottom line is see which platform`s games suit you most and buy that console.
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4 Dexter on Dec 16, 2011
Level 5 PS3 is also a Blu-Ray player. Actually one of the best available. Besides, I'm pretty certain the best game titles are available for both platforms.
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5 WingMan on Dec 16, 2011
Level 6 Both systems are great. The Xbox 360 has LIVE which is better than PS network, but if you are not going to play online there ain't much difference between the two systems. It all depends on which system has the games you want to play.

p.s Xbox 360 has kinect, which is a lot more fun then the PS motion sticks.
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6 I.P.K. on Dec 16, 2011
Level 7 PS 3 is very good gaming console if you are a big fan of the console games. I had an Xbox 360 before and were happy with it. But if I have to choose now, I will buy a gaming PC. Neither PS3 nor Xbox 360 can compare to a gaming PC (even cheap gaming PC)

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