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Replacement for missing transceiver or dongle for natural keyboard 7000

Posted by toddsmalley on Jan 30, 2012

Where can I find a replacement transceiver for a microsoft natural keyboard 7000, there is not a category for a natural keyboard 7000

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1 I.P.K. on Jan 30, 2012
Level 7 Unfortunately I don't think Microsoft sell only the transceiver. Logitech has Unifying device, which use a universal micro receiver, but it works only with their peripheral devices.
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2 Nitro on Jan 30, 2012
Level 3 I've googled a bit and it is not sold separately by microsoft. My best suggestion is for you to look on ebay, something may pop up.
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3 Immortal on Jan 31, 2012
Level 9 +1 on looking on ebay...that`s the only way I can think of
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4 neverwill on Jan 31, 2012
Level 2 If you are out of warranty, your best bet is look for a second hand or a broken keyboard or something. May be some other MS keyboards use that transceiver as well? I guess you'd easily find one on ebay, craigslist etc.

This is the transceiver only, the add says it supports the latest 7000 combo:​rosoft-Transceiver-V3-0-Bluetooth-1063-Model-/230739165228?pt=Mice&hash=ite​m35b920402c

This is the entire 7000 package for $59, and it's still 50% off of the regular price: http://losangeles.craigslist.o​rg/sfv/sys/2826973961.html

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