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Is LTE really all that and a bag of chips yet?

Posted by DaddyChicken on Mar 19, 2012

I know LTE is the future. The sheer data speeds are really exciting. But seriously, is it still considered "fringey" or too bleeding edge right now? I have read that battery life is absolutely abysmal, but that could soon be rectified with the new generation of chips/chipsets coming out. I live in Canada, in one of the most backwards provinces, where LTE is still not available, and the company I am with does not have a firm date for roll out.

Is it really "here now", or is it going to be about another year before the phones catch up with the network "so to speak" and improve.

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1 WingMan on Mar 21, 2012
Level 6 Battery life is really low on LTE, but a device like the Razr Maxx has a solution in the form of a bigger battery. When you think about it 3G uses more battery than 2G, so it is expected for the LTE to use even more. Overall, it needs time to mature and improved battery performance of the devices that use it.
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2 Immortal on Mar 22, 2012
Level 9 Yeah I don`t think LTE is here yet, today I read that Orange will get LTE to Europe till for Canada won`t Rogers get it covered in your area or no info yet
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3 DaddyChicken on Mar 22, 2012
Level 5 I kind of figured LTE was still too new to be a real impact. Yes, MTS and Rogers will have a shared network in Manitoba shortly of LTE. However, I have no interest to use either as outside of Manitoba their coverage is inferior to the Bell/Telus shared network.
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4 sgrinavi on Mar 28, 2012
Level 4 I think LTE is getting a bad rap - most of the new devices on LTE have huge screens and lots of fun software to play with - For example the New Ipad can gets 24 hours of use as an LTE hotspot on Verizon Wireless if the screen is off and you turn off your notifications.

Another example - I get two days between charges on my personal phone - a Galaxy Nexus with LTE & wireless on 100% of the time whereas my work phone - an iP4s, I'm lucky to get a full day on 3g.

Go figure
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5 DaddyChicken on Mar 29, 2012
Level 5 I hear ya. I think I will wait on LTE until it is a little more widespread. I don't even have LTE in my province yet. By the time it comes I will likely upgrade. No sense in upgrading to a device that you can't fully appreciate.

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