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Should I defragment my SSD?

Posted by Agon87 on Feb 10, 2012

I have SSD on my notebook, and was wondering to defragment it. I know that defragmentation is useful for HDD, but what is the situation with SSD?

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1 Renk81 on Feb 12, 2012
Level 3 No. SSD's have a limited number of writes, unlike HDDs. In general the less you write to an SSD the better.

HDDs need defrag because parts of info you are looking for could reside on differant sectors/cylinders of each platter. Plus, when writing and erasing on an HDD you can leave empty gaps between segements of information. All of which can cause lead to delays in the hunt for information on an HDD. SSDs opperate differently, so there is little to no "hunt". The read performance you get out of an SSD eliminates the need for you to defrag.
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5 Immortal on Feb 14, 2012
Level 9 Renk81 said it all...defragmentation on SSDs is totally useless
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7 Nitro on Feb 15, 2012
Level 3 "The key benefit to SSDs is that they have virtually no seek time. Reading adjacent blocks of data is no faster than reading blocks that are spread out over the drive. Fragmentation does not affect SSD drive speed. SSD drives physically wear out as you write to them. Defragmentation software moves around all the files on your drive. Thus, defragmenting an SSD reduces its life span without giving you any benefits"

Basically, don't do it its not worth it. To be honest I haven't defragmented a hard drive since windows 98.

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