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16:10 or 16:9 monitor - which one is better?

Posted by I.P.K. on Sep 14, 2011

Why there are two almost identical ratios and is there any significant differences between them? Which one you prefer and why?


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Reply Level 4 1 sgrinavi on Sep 14, 2011

No difference as far as the tech goes - seems like you can get any flavor of either one - I like the 16:10's for the vertical real estate, but the 16:9 for the price

Reply Level 2 2 A_C_E on Sep 15, 2011

With 16:10, you will see black lines above and below when watching movies, and with 16: 9 - you will not :)

Reply Level 7 3 I.P.K. on Sep 15, 2011

That's not very correct, what you have written, because most of the widescreen movies are in 1.75:1 or 2.38:1 aspect ratio...

Reply Level 9 4 Immortal on Sep 15, 2011

When watching a movie filmed in 1,85:1 if you watch it on 16:10 monitor you must choose from watching it in a letterbox format at its original 16:9 format or watch it in full screen with the image stretched to fit the screen, while on a 16:9 monitor you can watch the same movie without stretching the picture. Movies which are shot at 2,35:1 are always letterboxed (on both 16:10 and 16:9) unless you zoom the image. As far as I know these are the standardized aspect ratios for widescreen movies nowadays and the more popular is 1,85:1 so the more logical choice for me is 16:9

Reply Level 4 5 leviathan on Sep 16, 2011

What is the native resolution for high definition 16:10? If we take that 16:9 is 1920 x 1080 pixels, how much better is 16:10 in pixels?

Reply Level 9 7 Immortal on Sep 19, 2011

1920:1200 is the analog of 16:10

Reply Level 1 6 Opteron on Sep 18, 2011

16:9 !!!

Reply Level 7 8 I.P.K. on Sep 19, 2011

Can U motivate your opinion :)

Reply Level 3 9 Nitro on Sep 19, 2011

It depends on your usage. For browsing and games I'd with a 16:10 for the extra real estate.
For movies without letterbox, a 16:9.

Reply Level 1 10 Klever on Sep 20, 2011

16:9 obviously. It is far better and easier for Windows and multitasking because of the width and also better for TV and movies.

It is also better for games because of larger Field of view and no letterbox.​ield_of_view_in_video_games

If you want a higher resolution than 1366x768 then buy 1600*900 (not 1440x900)
If you want a higher resolution than 1600x900 then buy 1920x1080 (not 1680x1050)
If you want a higher resolution than 1920x1080 then buy 2560x1440 (not 1920x1200).

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