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Suggestion requested 7" Tablet

Posted by DaddyChicken on Mar 29, 2012

I am looking to give my wife a tablet for her birthday. She has an old Sony e-reader that really should be put to pasture. I was thinking of a 7" tablet. It really isn't going to require a lot of oompf. I have eliminated to a 7" tablet for the reason of portability over a full 10" sized one. Considerations would be:

1. Portability (size/wt)
2. Screen quality - nothing more annoying than screen glare when you are trying to use a tablet
3. build quality - durability.
4. affordability.

I was leaning to a 7" Samsung galaxy tab I think it was the 6810. A kindle fire would be cool, but not useful in Canada yet. And the Nook just plain isn't going to cut it. I know the dual core Samsung processor is really overkill for books, but it will give the option for games, and movies, and all that other fun stuff.

Or, would I just be better served spending $150 less on a single core 1GHz Lenovo 7" tab? The geek in me says single core is a waste, but the practical side says go with the single core. Then the geek part of me says, whoa.... you don't even use a single core phone.

Suggestions please. Any alternatives would be appreciated.

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1 I.P.K. on Mar 30, 2012
Level 7 If I were you, I would go for more bang for the buck. No matter which is the manufacturer ( I mean those which have some name :) You can always find for what to use the extra power, but when it's not enough - that is a problem. Take faster, better tablet, because later you can't upgrade it ;)
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3 Immortal on Mar 30, 2012
Level 9 You said it won`t need a lot of oompf so if I were you I`d get the 1Ghz Lenovo :)
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6 sgrinavi on Apr 04, 2012
Level 4 Kindle Fire - you can get them refurbished for as little as $139 - $160. Even new they're only $200. By far the best bang/buck going and is very user friendly especially for someone that's an e-reader.

The 7" galaxy tab is also a great choice, I had one and really liked the size, speed and battery life.
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7 WingMan on Apr 06, 2012
Level 6 I second the Galaxy Tab suggestion, Kindle Fire have excellent reviews as well, have you checked the Motorola Xyboard 8.2?
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10 DaddyChicken on Apr 10, 2012
Level 5 kindle fire isn't much of an option. I'm in Canada. Apparently I can't use the kindle service for book downloads? Is that true? For my wife that would be a sticking point.

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