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Apple iPhone 3GS Questions & Answers

Good headphones for cell phone

Posted by superuser on Dec 27, 2011

I need to change the bundled headphones and I'm looking to get a pair of good sounding in-ear headphones for music and handsfree use. I suppose there are better options than getting the same apple ones. What would you recommend for a similar price ($30)?


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Reply Level 9 1 Immortal on Dec 27, 2011

I can reccomend you​et/33039/Altec+Lansing+Muzx+Ul​tra
although a little higher then 30$

Reply Level 7 3 I.P.K. on Jan 02, 2012

According to user reviews, Denon AHC260R is a good choice for 3GS, but it costs around $50.

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