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NOKIA 8800 Sirocco Edition Questions & Answers

Original Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition

Posted by leprechaun on Mar 28, 2012

Hi guys, I want to buy Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition. The problem is that I only find fake Chinese devices. Where can I buy original one, not some fake sh*t? Thanks in advance.

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2 I.P.K. on Mar 30, 2012
Level 7 How can you find an original one, when it's no longer available :D Take Nokia Arte, it's the same but newer.
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4 Nitro on Apr 06, 2012
Level 3 The Arte is a good phone, but still a dumbphone. Have you considered the HTC legend, a full aluminum monoblock. It feels quite good in the hand.
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6 Immortal on Apr 06, 2012
Level 9 @I.P.K is probably right get the Arte

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