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HTC One V Questions & Answers

Buying New Android Phone

Posted by vishalt2010 on Jul 12, 2012

Guys My Budget Is Around 18k So M Planning To Buy Htc One V Is It Gud Phone?
And M Confused Coz Recently A Place Called Alfa In Mumbai I Saw Samsung Galaxy S Advance Priced At 17k Without Bill And Warranty Shld I Take The Risk To Buy This Phone? PLzzzzzzzzz Help Me

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1 thegrinreaper on Jul 13, 2012
Level 2 Dont buy unbilled phones.... loss of warranty is not worth it
if you are really going to buy unbilled then its better to buy a second hand (1-2 weeks old) phone from ebay,olx,etc.

Personally i feel that one V is totally not worth it (Oher than sense 4 and Ics)

Sony xperia Sola is much better than One V
Motorola atrix 2 is also a good option

Buy the ONE V if you are the type of guy who uses basic functions and wont play much games and wont really use many apps
just playing songs,small games like angry birds and fruit ninja,using the default UI.

Xperia Sola has Floating touch(awesome bragging rights) , good UI (Comparable to sense 4)

Atrix 2 is also similar with a much bigger screen,dual core,Sucky UI(Good if you are gonna be an app whore cuz u would use custom UIs) and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE (atleast in India)..also it comes a little costly

I would suggest the Sola.HANDS DOWN.Also sony has announced that it will get offcial ICS soon.

If not for the bigger screen Xperia Sola is actually as good as S advance which retails at 23k.
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3 vishalt2010 on Jul 13, 2012
Level 2 Xperia Sola is nice phone with great features as compared to one v but dude i think the screen size is small as compared to one v.....and i want large screen atleast it shld be 3.7inch
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9 raghu.s1432 on Sep 26, 2012
Level 3 i don't think Xperia Sola ig better thn one v the camera features in one v iv far better thn in sola and u get easy updates in htc wr as in sony u hve to wait.and htc sense is best ui n it is ultimate

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