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Samsung Omnia W Questions & Answers

google maps in windows phone...?

Posted by shome.arnab45 on Feb 25, 2012

hw can i install google maps(official version) in my windows phone(mango) ???
i ve the gmaps from marketplace but its not dt good.....nd bing map obviously sucks...
is there any way to "jailbreak" my windows phone????

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1 Immortal on Feb 27, 2012
Level 9 Hellbound​ As for unlocking the phone:​obile/chevronwp7-unlocks-windows-phone-7-handsets-easily/
And I`ve read there that after dev unlocking you can install GMapPro 2.1​obile/get-google-maps-on-windows-phone-7-wp7/
In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again?
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3 shome.arnab45 on Feb 28, 2012
Level 2 @immortal....the tool in the site is for unlockin windows phone 7 not 7.5...
does it works also 4 7.5 or is there any other ...???

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