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Samsung Omnia W Questions & Answers

windows or android

Posted by shome.arnab45 on Jan 28, 2012

want to buy a new phone.....budget's 17k
confused between samsung omnia w, sony erricson neo v and motorola defy+
windows or android
like the mango interface but also android customization
plz suggest...

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2 I.P.K. on Jan 30, 2012
Level 7 If I was you, I would try windows phone 7.5 :)
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1 sgrinavi on Jan 29, 2012
Level 4 It really depends on what you're using your phone for. You can not beat the windows phone for integration with Outlook and MS Office, but if it's for personal use and you want to play then the only way to go is Android.
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3 Immortal on Jan 31, 2012
Level 9 Try Motorola Defy i have a coworker whom is very pleased with his :D
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4 WingMan on Feb 01, 2012
Level 6 The Defy is a descent and cheap phone. If you want shinier and newer OS go for Windows Phone, if you want flexibility currently you can't beat Android. IMO both are great, just get a device with descent hardware and you'd be happy.
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5 DaddyChicken on Feb 01, 2012
Level 5 Windows phone has come a long way, but is lacking in some of the customization and maturity that Android OS has. Android is by no means perfect. I would go to a retail store and try both. Play a little. Whatever tickles your fancy should guide you. Once you get the OS down pat, I would then look at what phone interests you. Everyone is different. I like hi-res screens, and solid build quality. Others like light weight, and shiny, some are brand loyal. It comes down to what you like.
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7 DJDOUBLE on Feb 04, 2012
Level 1 My suggestion as someone who had (& have both) is windows.

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