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Samsung S27A950D Questions & Answers

What an amazing monitor

Posted by Jason on Sep 16, 2011

The first thing that catch my eye was the design...after that I watched some videos and I'm truly amazed. This is the 3D monitor with best colors, has 2D to 3D conversion, included glasses and dozen other features. For around $650 I think it's a great deal for gamers and not only :) I directly goes to my wish list...


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Reply Level 1 1 primo on Sep 16, 2011

She's got the look, no doubt. It also says 100% photo accuracy. Does that mean it will be perfect for professional usage, like photography and design?

Reply Level 7 2 I.P.K. on Sep 19, 2011

Hmm, I don't know monitor with TN matrix will be suitable for professional use, but who knows....Otherwise the monitor is a real gaming jewel :)

Reply Level 9 3 Immortal on Sep 20, 2011

The monitor is great indeed...and not only for gaming I`d use it for any type of multimedia and I`m 100% sure I`ll be happy with the quality of the picture. Thumbs up for samsung

Reply Level 3 4 raghu.s1432 on Sep 23, 2011

tis is wat Samsung has unique idea

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