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Samsung GALAXY Note Questions & Answers

What's the most reasonable display size of a cell phone for you?

Posted by ndroid on Oct 03, 2011

Apparently there is a demand for bigger screens with high resolutions, but I can't say I'll be comfortable carrying a desktop monitor in my pocket. I'm looking at you Galaxy Note, this thing is huuuuuge with it's 5.3 inch display. I'm cool with with 3.5" - 4" max, but 4+, no thanks.

What's the optimal cell phone display size you'd be happy with and why?


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Reply Level 3 1 Trixey on Oct 03, 2011

It depends on the person...I use 4" cell phone and it's comfortable for me, though I am a girl :)

Reply Level 3 2 Golfman on Oct 03, 2011

If the frame of the phone is thin, I think a 5.3" size of the display will not be a problem.

Reply Level 2 3 shubhamsri007 on Oct 03, 2011

i think taking into account portability and use (for which it is used) 3.2"- 3.5" is best

Reply Level 6 4 WingMan on Oct 03, 2011

I have a phone with a 3.7-inch screen and is smaller than a 3.5" phone. In my eyes the optimum screen size is around 4", everything else is just too big.

Reply Level 1 5 Juneeq on Oct 03, 2011

nme i dnt mind a 3.5, larger than tha is just kind of outrageous for me

Reply Level 2 6 Rexxar on Oct 03, 2011

The bigger the better. I would go and make calls from a tablet if I could.

Reply Level 1 7 Obsidianite on Oct 06, 2011

I've hated iPhones since day one. Not just because of crappy iTunes but because of the miniscule screen size. I'm a big guy, with big hands. MEN have BIG hands. Those that don't ... well let's not go there. Seriously, I need a device where I can easily press a single letter without pressing one on either side of it. The Galaxy Note is the perfect size. I don't think an inch or so above 3.5" is "freakingly huge" or "outrageous".

Reply Level 7 9 I.P.K. on Oct 07, 2011

I have Galaxy S, though the keyboard is small and I hardly write....but everything over 4.5" should be sold with hand grip :D

Reply Level 9 8 Immortal on Oct 07, 2011

The display of my current phone is 3" and it is perfectly enough for a phone...I don`t think i`ll feel comfortable talking to anything bigger...but it also depends on the usage of the phone

Reply Level 5 10 Crossblade on Oct 10, 2011

iPhone-like dimensions, so no bigger than 3.7"-3.8" I think.

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