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Fusion Garage Grid10 Questions & Answers

Fusion Garage.. Grid?

Posted by shafboy on Aug 17, 2011

Just heard of the new Grid 4 and Grid 10, anyone like the OS? What are your opinions on it?

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2 ikarus on Aug 18, 2011
Level 2 When I saw this gadget I thought it was a cell phone....very sleek design, nice hardware. About the OS - I like most of the features, just don't get the idea of the grid :S
1 mindhacker on Aug 18, 2011
Level 2 It does seem reasonable with Android apps supported, plus some of the features look interesting and with cool design. I have no expectations to be something groundbreaking as it is advertised all over their site. My guess is it runs some sort of android kernel with redesigned user interface on top. I can also spot a lot of similarities with other major OS's and may be it is just me, but I'd stick with something well known, rather than just coming up.

I'm certainly interested to check these gadgets out, but judging from the price of their other tablet the 10" Grid10 which starts at $499, it is a no go for me if it is similarly priced.
5 leviathan on Aug 19, 2011
Level 4 Signature login/unlock is cool, they paid a lot of attention on the design and animations. The first time I saw the grid interface, I thought oh crap, that'll be a lot of scrolling around, but it turns out you can shrink your apps into sort of folders, and keep it nice and clean on an area of one single display. Fusion Garage, nice job!
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7 raghu.s1432 on Aug 20, 2011
Level 3 awesome ui but hardware nt really wow effects..............

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