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What is a Pentile display?

Posted by primo on Oct 21, 2011

Just read about the pentile display in Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I'm wondering what is the actual difference for the consumers? Is there any real disadvantage in quality compared to Samsung GS2 which is different technology, but still samoled? Can it be easily noticed and should I consider GS2 instead of Nexus?


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Reply Level 7 1 I.P.K. on Oct 21, 2011

I take a look at some comparison pictures and honestly I can't find any difference (with naked eye). If Pentile displays were so bad, I think Samsung wouldn't use them for high-end models. I'm for Galaxy Nexus, despite it has Pentile display.

Reply Level 9 2 Immortal on Oct 21, 2011

Galaxy Nexus uses Super AMOLED display and the Galaxy S II uses the so called Super AMOLED plus....In Super AMOLED screens each pixel consists of 8 subpixels. Each subpixel holds different color(red, green or blue). The term "PenTile" refers to the arrangement of the subpixels. It is different from the standard screens because it uses RG-BG arrangement. The arrangement Super AMOLEDplus uses is RGB-RGB. So instead of the 8 subpixels this technology has 12...
I don`t think that a regular user who is not aware that he`s looking at two different technologies will notice anything different...yes the differences can be spotted but if you look very closely(this of course is just an opinion)...I don`t think that a regular user should even consider this difference when buying a phone...

Reply Level 5 3 DaddyChicken on Oct 31, 2011

The original Atrix has a Pentile display. Honestly...when i compared the screen next to the HTC Sensation, I chose the Atrix. The main advantage to the pentile screen supposedly for battery savings.

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