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Phone Contracts Question?

Posted by aeyque on Mar 09, 2012

I am new to Canada, and I don’t know about the phone contracts here in Canada. I have a question here; if after 1 year of my 3 year contract, I want to change my phone from the same carrier, can I do that? I mean how would I have to pay? The whole new phone price or the price after cancellation for a new contract? For example, if I buy HTC Amaze for $0 and after 1 year I buy 4G Samsung Galaxy S II X for $49.99 with the same contract. Is that possible? or will I have to sign a new 3 year contract? If yes, what will happen to the old 3 year contract?

Please help.

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1 DaddyChicken on Mar 09, 2012
Level 5 What carrier are you on?

I haven't signed a contract for a phone for ages as I was tired of being locked in.

Telus started a program called anytime upgrades:

from their site ...

What sets us apart?

We have revolutionized our device ownership terms to make things fair for you. When you sign up with TELUS, your device balance will appear on your bill every month. Your device balance is the remaining portion of the credit you received when you purchased your device, and it decreases every month. With full transparency, you’ll have confidence in always knowing where you stand.

How it works

There are no surprises. Simply pay off your current device balance and upgrade to the phone of your choice. It’s that easy, and you can do it anytime.

---- basically you pay the balance of the subsidy on the contract and then they will allow you to upgrade your device subsidized.

Rogers has a complicated system. Summed up, if you have a "premium device" they charge you $20xthe number of months you are away from your contract expiration to buy the right to upgrade your phone to a subsidized rate, and then you start over your upgrade time. So if it is subsidized to a 3 year contract then you start over to 3 years.

I can't speak to regional carriers.

My advise has always been to people is:

1. Buy your device unlocked outright
2. If you buy a device from the carrier, unlock it, and when/if you get bored, sell it online (ebay) and purchase a different device outright.

The other thing I have learned is, if you have been with a carrier some time, well...I'm speaking about Telus, if you call their Loyalty and Retention specialist lines they tend to be able to bend the rules a little to help you out.
2 DaddyChicken on Mar 10, 2012
Level 5 i missed bell.... see below:

Bell gave customers in a contract the option to upgrade early by their “Early Hardware Upgrade” Program (HUP). The associated costs would be $15 multiplied by the number of months you have left on your contract. This has been on again, off again. In August it was temporarily removed, then a month ago a Bell internal doc showed the HUP was officially “removed from all Consumer profiles“. Now, good fortune might have come to those looking to possibly upgrade early, say to a Galaxy Nexus, as Bell has reinstated the program for “select clients”. The eligibility is listed above…
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3 DaddyChicken on Mar 29, 2012
Level 5 so what did you end up doing?

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