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Element Electronics ELCHW321 Questions & Answers


Posted by soozie60 on Nov 02, 2011

I have a 2 yr old ELEMENT FLAT SCREEN. MODEL # ELCHW321. A few months ago it wouldnt turn on anymore. the red light is there but no clicking noise as I have read. Also I dont see any bulging capacitators. they all seem to be flat. I have been researching everything on the internet to try to find out what to do. Obviously I cant afford to buy a new one right now. i'm hoping someone can tell me something about it or what to ck. I see a fuse also, would that help? And was going to try and buy a power supply board, but cant find one...helppppppppppp

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1 superuser on Nov 02, 2011
Level 3 Well if you get the red light, that indicates the power is coming to the set and in this case my assumption would be that fuse or power supply board aren't the problem. I guess the best you can do is to hand it over to a technician that will find the problem and let you know the costs for repairs.
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2 Immortal on Nov 02, 2011
Level 9 How do you try to turn it on? Do you use the remote conteol or some Power/Ch+ button on the TV itself. In most of these cases it turns out to be capacitors problem...
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3 I.P.K. on Nov 03, 2011
Level 7 If the TV has a safety fuse, try to replace it. Old TVs had such a fuse, but I don't know what is the situation with yours

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