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Samsung Focus vs Nokia Lumia 710?

Posted by zaidthunder1 on Jan 26, 2012

I'm considering these two phones as my next mobile. I know they are both windows phone devices but i've used android and I don't like the UI much. I feel the WP7 UI is pretty cool.
I now have to make a decision to make between the Nokia and the Samsung phones. Samsung has a Super AMOLED screen but Nokia has it's ClearBlack display with Gorilla glass at a better PPI, so I feel that's quite good too. Another plus point for the Nokia is 1.4 ghz processor. I like the white color of the Lumia 710 too. But one very big let down is the 8 GB internal memory. I really hog on memory space with apps and games which I love to download from the Marketplace, and I'm not sure it'l be enough. I have approx. 16 hours of music on my phone. I doubt I'l have many videos on the phone though I might record a few. If the Lumia had a card slot i would have undoubtedly gone for it. But I want to ask WP7 users if 8 GB of internal memory will be enough for my new phone. Please give reasons as well. Also is there noticeable difference between the Focus's 1 ghz processor and the Lumia's 1.4 ghz processor?
Also I'm worried that the jailbreak for the Nokia WP7 handsets haven't come out yet. (I'm not sure.). I love customising my phone. Also I prefer a larger screen although the 3.7" screen won't be any deal breaker for me. Any important limitations of either of the devices?
I don't think there many other differences now.
I have found the Focus to be around 1500 INR (30$) more cheaper than the Lumia 710.

Also tell me about SkyDrive and if it will be of any use in my case, seeing that most of my data will be apps/games, music and few videos. My use of Microsoft office will be limited.

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