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Logitech G700 Questions & Answers

Which to choose?

Posted by FlameDemon on Feb 17, 2012

Hi guys,

Frankly, I'm in need of objective advices from you guys since I'm going to purchase a mouse soon and of course I want it to be worth buying because I'm not such a man with pockets full of money.

I'm confused among G700, performance mx, anywhere mx.

Maybe in this point of reading, somebody would say I must be wrong or out of mind as those 3 mice belong to 2 different categories, gaming & office working. I'm between gaming and office working, which means I'll buy one for both purposes. It doesn't need to be pro-gaming or pro-office. It'd be a medium mouse that fits quite good both purposes.

p/s: if i don't need to use mouse on glass, is dark-field laser still needed? because i mostly use mouse on a pad.

if the size doesn't matter, should i pick Anywhere? they're quite the same except for the size.

is the scroll of g700 as good as those 2 MXs?

is anywhere mx too small? i have big hands.

the price range in my country: anywhere > g700 > performance.

Thanks a lot. Feel free to talk. Inform me if there is anything unclear.

Kind regards.


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Reply Level 6 1 WingMan on Feb 20, 2012

G700 is the best choice in your case. It is one hell of a gaming mouse and still big enough for office use. I personally use a G9, but it will probably feel small for you.

Reply Level 5 2 DaddyChicken on Feb 20, 2012

i have had a couple of those high end gaming mice before. Honestly, and maybe I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I never really noticed much of a difference. I use a $20 mouse that was on sale. Pretty much anything by Logitech is what i end up buying. I say save your money. But... to each their own.

Reply Level 9 3 Immortal on Feb 20, 2012

Same here I never really found the difference...any product manufactured by logitech had enough built quality and accuracy to fit my needs...

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