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Apple iPhone 4 Questions & Answers

Which cell phone should I buy?

Posted by Samleitao on Feb 11, 2012

Out of iphone4, SGSII & Lumia 800 - which one should I choose

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1 DaddyChicken on Feb 12, 2012
Level 5 Lots of people ask this question. What phone should I buy? You will no doubt get lots of replies. I suggest handling all 3 devices and deciding what feels better to you, both in design, and OS.

I myself like Android, so I would go with the SGS2. But that is my opinion. I don't have to live with the phone you are buying.

All 3 devices have compelling options. The Apple has the "i" factor. Siri if it is of the "s" variant. It has a huge app market, super camera, lots of accessories and really is a fine device. The Lumina, well, I can't comment much, but it isn't for me. The Samsung, well its got a large bright screen, fast processor, great form factor.

You have to decide which OS you prefer. Its like you asking whether you should buy a Mercedes E class, a SMART car or a Ford F150. Without knowing you, and your needs all you going to get is other people's preferences. And for the record... I say get the Mercedes.
5 WingMan on Feb 14, 2012
Level 6 They are quite an even match, but you can't really pick out the best of them as they sport different operating systems with different features. Windows Phone bring by far the most eye candy and is quite fast, but imo the OS should mature a bit more. IOS is more user friendly than android and "just works". If this will be your first smartphone and you don't plan to tinker with it a lot, iPhone will be the best pick.
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2 I.P.K. on Feb 13, 2012
Level 7 Take whatever you like, just be happy with your phone :) Or say something more, so we can help you.
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3 Immortal on Feb 14, 2012
Level 9 Take I.P.K. and DaddyChicken`s advise and choose the device that suits your needs best. We can`t decide unless you tell us what will you be using the device for...Personally from that two choices I`d go for the iPhone
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4 Jason on Feb 14, 2012
Level 2 I would go for the iPhone, too
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6 aeyque on Feb 18, 2012
Level 2 I used to ask the same questions. But these questions are useless here. Everyone has his own choice and will choose what best suites him. DaddyChicken is right, you should give a try to all these phones and choose the one which feels like 'SOMETHING' in your hand just like you go for a "Test Drive" before you buy a car. My suggestion is; First, go to youtube and watch the review of each of them and then go to market and hold each of them in your hand. Then you will be able to choose one.. If you ask me, I will go for S2..
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7 sgrinavi on Feb 19, 2012
Level 4 What carrier? where are you located? What are you doing with it? Is it for business or fun?
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8 kritika on Feb 21, 2012
Level 2 I love android so would suggest S2...please be descriptive about your preferences

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