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Microsoft Windows 7 Questions & Answers

Failure to Boot, Completly following Norton Upgrade

Posted by Renk81 on Jul 02, 2012

Following a recent update of Norton Anti-virus, my friends computer will no longer reboot. While he receives the option, it currently fails to boot completely in either Normal mode or Recover mode. Hard ware failure has not yet been totally ruled out.

It that event however:
Where should I start looking for bad files once I get into it?
Which boot files would be good to look for, and can I just copy from my existing up-to-date, version of Win7 on my Laptop?

Problem solved

Bad Hard Drive.

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1 I.P.K. on Jul 03, 2012
Level 7 If you've made backup of your system, try to recover it to previous point (before updating Norton Antivirus)
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5 Renk81 on Jul 11, 2012
Level 3 Diagnosis:
Bad Sectors. Experience serves to say that is may be slightly recoverable, but any "fix" may just be a band-aid for what could be a larger issue.

Is this issue remedy-able for semi-long term? or is the the HDD toast? If it is fixable, how hard is it to find and replace the corrupt files to make windows usable again?

Or is starting from scratch the best option?
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6 I.P.K. on Jul 12, 2012
Level 7 From the experience I have, HDD Regenerator is a very good software. I have HDD that works almost two years, after | recover the bad sectors. So you can try with it. Be careful, not always bad sectors can be fixed :) If you succeed, make sure to back up the important info you have on the HDD :)
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10 Renk81 on Jul 30, 2012
Level 3 HD was bad, Disliked even Live CDs.

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