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Which are the best free cloud storage solutions?

Posted by dietcoke on Feb 06, 2012

Hey, I'm using dropbox, and although I'm slowly getting more space from referrals, I need some more space. What would you recommend as the second best service that is compatible with windows 7 and is having similar folder sync feature?


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Reply Level 6 1 WingMan on Feb 06, 2012

I'm using 4shared and I'm quite happy, not 100% sure that they have folder sync, but you get 15gigs for free.

Reply Level 9 2 Immortal on Feb 06, 2012

I use :) you can register several accounts placing dots between the characters in your gmail. I`m very happy with it...

Reply Level 1 3 Dskimmer on Feb 06, 2012

Thanks @immortal, that is a great idea! With the dots in the name, because google sees them all the same. I've know about the dots in the name for a while,but never thought of using it in that way. Brilliant!

Reply Level 5 4 Dexter on Feb 07, 2012 gives you 5GB of free storage. A little user unfriendly from time to time but still a great free service. I'm using this one only for photo syncing and the dropbox for documents. A cool feature I learned recently about dropbox is that you can actually move any folder (like Documents or Pictures library folders) and get them synced and accessible from any computer. In order to do that, you have to move them to your dropbox folder and then create a symbolic link via command prompt. This way all apps will still think they're at the original location and use them as they were never moved.

I've never used, will give it a try. :)

P.S. Speaking about cool gmail features: use yourusername+"anything" and then filter messages for "anything". Very useful for trials downloading or read later notes. For example if you have email address, you can use and filter these messages to go to read later label.

Reply Level 1 5 johnt on Feb 07, 2012

I've done the multiple accounts trying to get more storage and now I can DO MORE WITH CX is a new kind of cloud experience that takes content to the next level with a range of unique features: secure storage, real-time syncing, public and private sharing, interactive group collaboration, and intelligent discovery. Easily organize your content, access it on the go, share it with friends or publish it online — you decide what and when. Want to discuss a file with a team? CX does that too with group functionality and a unique file commenting system.

Sign Up For A Free 10GB Account​al_signup/bQ7h6k0REeG0GBIBOAoC​FQ

Reply Level 3 6 Renk81 on Feb 12, 2012

I use skydrive. It gives you 25 GB free. It is through Microsoft. You have it if you already have any live, hotmail, or msn account. Although it is not necessary, I have it linked to a non Microsoft email account name. Obviosly sync to most MSOffice apps is on board. It also offers web enabled editing.

Reply Level 4 7 leviathan on Feb 13, 2012

Is there a way to sync a folder with the skydrive? Something like what dropbox does?

Reply Level 5 8 Dexter on Feb 14, 2012

I just looked into that, apparently you can map it as a network drive and use it that way. Will test and let you know.

Reply Level 3 9 Renk81 on Feb 14, 2012

Is that connected to the Windows Live Mesh?

Reply Level 3 11 superuser on Feb 15, 2012

Here's a blog post detailing the process​01/17/how-to-connect-to-skydrive-with-webdav/

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