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Best OS?

Posted by Renk81 on Aug 03, 2011

Been giving Linux based OS a spin around block. Curious is there anyone who has more experience with many, that can give a rendering of which one(s) are best for performance, user friendly-less, compatibility, and/or astetics?


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Reply Level 2 1 unknown on Aug 04, 2011

The best one in my opinion is Linux mint.
I have tried all the major distributions. Among all of them Linux Mint is the most user friendly.
I use it on my laptop as well. Everything works out of the box. Never had any compatibility issues plus it uses good old Gnome2.
I like ubuntu as well. Unity is not that bad!

Reply Level 9 2 Immortal on Aug 04, 2011

The distribution you`ll like depends on the usage. If you`re going to use it as a regular user try Ubuntu 11.04 .For more professional usage (administration, network security testing, etc..) I use BackTrack 5 ( )

Reply Level 3 4 barryween on Aug 04, 2011

My choice would be latest Ubuntu 11.04 with unity. Looks and feels modern, got plenty of productivity enhancements, and I guess developers would be paying a bit more attention to it. BTW, I don't think you'd find the best one for you without checking it out yourself.

However, in the link above I found quite a few distros I've never thought existed - particularly the one for audio/video editing and creativity. Thanks for that. I'll be checking this one out for sure.

Reply Level 6 5 WingMan on Aug 04, 2011

I've used Ubuntu 11 for a while now and I really like the OS, stable, frequent updates and easy to use. The unity interface is another story and I find it pretty confusing. OpenSUSE is pretty nice as well, but there is a bit less software for it.

Reply Level 3 6 raghu.s1432 on Aug 04, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04

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