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What do you think will happen to WebOS after being open-sourced?

Posted by barryween on Dec 12, 2011

I really am a fan of webOS and since HP decided to make it open source, I'd really like to see what will happen with it. If I were the one to choose, I'd make sure it is compatible with cell phones and tablets the way Android is. WebOS certainly has the power and the look of an amazing mobile OS, and will be in my opinion, the perfect addition to the main 3 - ios, android and wp7, not to mention it is already optimised for cell phone and tablet use. If it gets supported by devices made from the major manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC, there's a great chance for app development, which in some people's eyes is one of the problems for future success. Another thing for being open-source - it could get bugs fixed quick and further optimized without limitations.

What do you think will bring life to WebOS after it becomes an open-source OS?


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Reply Level 7 1 I.P.K. on Dec 12, 2011

WebOS will benefit from better developer support and more user interest.

Reply Level 3 2 Nitro on Dec 13, 2011

Since many people got their hands on a TouchPad, the OS should thrive.

Reply Level 2 3 El_Pollo_Diablo on Dec 13, 2011

They should make porting android apps to webOS 1 click. That will make the OS much more desirable for the general public. IMO its better looking and more user friendly than IOS and Android. It just needs some damn apps.

Reply Level 9 4 Immortal on Dec 13, 2011

It will definately get more support and apps

Reply Level 4 5 leviathan on Dec 19, 2011

There aren't many positive opinions regarding the future of the WebOS. That is my opinion as well. It's been a long time before the HP decided what to do with it, which basically led devs thinking about another platform with somehow clearer future. This means no fresh apps as well as feature and software updates, contrary to iOS, WP7 and Android which are evolving pretty quick. Besides, there isn't any standards in the mobile devices hardware, so to make the whole thing possible, some mobile device manufacturer of a large scale (like Samsung or HTC) should take the risk and fully adopt webOS as their main product. I can't see Samsung, nor HTC waiting in line for the webOS. They're pretty much the main Android guys now... Anyway, only time will tell.

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