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What do you think of HP Touchpad?

Posted by Dexter on Jun 30, 2011

HP Touchpad looks great, but is it that good you'd prefer it over some decent-spec'd Android tablet like Galaxy Tab or the turbo-fast Apple iPad 2? I guess no, especially since I read the latest reviews about it. It seems to be laggy at... well, almost everything, which is the thing I hate the most in consumer electronics. On the other hand, I really like the GUI. It is a thing that you either love or just use, because you're stuck for some reason with the particular device. That said, If HP take action and refine the OS, it could be one nice tablet to own. At the moment the available apps for the touchpad are said to be around 300, but while facebook still in beta version and some of the most loved entertainment apps don't even exist yet, it seems like a dealstopper to me.

I guess I'll pass for now, but what do you think? Worth buying?


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Reply Level 1 1 Zarth on Jun 30, 2011

in terms of day to day usage a tablet is a tablet at the end of the day, although saying that the OS makes up a large part of enjoyability or frustration depending on brand/model. Tablets are becoming less and less a luxury item and more like the norm but apps on tablets would make up 50-75% of my usage on a tablet. so as for personal opinion id save your £££ on this tablet and go for something with better user friendly systems. ($$$ in your case)

Reply Level 9 2 Immortal on Jul 01, 2011

From the things I`ve read it is not worth buying at all...I also read that the tablet is slow like has very few apps which is a big con by is going to be priced ~500$ which is the same price as the iPad 2, so for me the obvious choise is the iPad( I guess the galaxy tab is also an option I just haven`t read enough about it to comment)

Reply Level 6 3 WingMan on Jul 01, 2011

Personally I'd go for something with more apps available for it, thus the iPad 2 is the obvious choice for me. It may be good system, but without apps it is not as functional as the Galaxy Tab or Apple's creation.

Reply Level 2 4 Helix on Jul 04, 2011

I agree with WingMan, currently I don't think it is worth to invest in a webOS device, but this could change soon, after all HP bought the OS :). You can't go wrong with the iPad, the only thing it lacks is Flash player.

Reply Level 5 5 Dexter on Jul 13, 2011

New version called HP TouchPad 4G with faster CPU and bigger storage capacity will be available for AT&T. CPU goes from 1.2 to 1.5GHz and from 16GB to 32GB of storage.

More info here:​/HP-TouchPad-4G-to-hit-AT-T-by-the-end-of-summer-with-1.5GHz-CPU-HSPA_id20311

Reply Level 9 6 Immortal on Jul 14, 2011

But still the app problem remains :) there are much more apps developed for iOS and Android than for WebOS...on the other hand I`m sure you can find what you need in the 5000 already developed, so the choice is yours

Reply Level 5 7 Dexter on Aug 19, 2011

OK, there you go Touchpad fans, HP is officially discontinuing the tablet as well as WebOS based phones (buh-bye Pre).​et/44236/HP+TouchPad/news/1805​4/HP+calls+it+quits+with+webOS

Although they'll continue working on the WebOS, and probably license it to other phone manufacturers, I feel sad for the Touchpad, because I really liked it. Kinda reminds me of the Nokia N9.

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