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No multitouch with Firefox 4 :(

Posted by Blade on May 26, 2011

When I'm using Firefox 4, multitouch zoom is not working. The notebook/tablet runs Win 7...anyone knows why I have this problem?

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4 Gamester on May 27, 2011
Level 2 I think that you have to enabled it through the config
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2 Lizzard on May 26, 2011
Level 2 The problem can be related with windows drivers...
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3 ndroid on May 27, 2011
Level 3 Does it work on any other browser?
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6 Twisted on Jun 06, 2011
Level 2 I also thing that the problem is somehow driver related update your drivers then give it a try and write what happened
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7 Dexter on Jun 08, 2011
Level 5 Which gestures are supported in Firefox? Is there a link or something? Also, is there some kind of switching the gestures on/off as it doesn't work here on Win7 Pro & FF4. I can only scroll up/down with 2 finger vertical swypes (on a different notebook, though).

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