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Can I replace the HDD?

Posted by Wolfy on Aug 03, 2011

I bought this one and want to change the HDD. Can someone help me with manual or some instructions? It's second hand, so the player has no warranty and I want to do it myself :)

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1 Immortal on Aug 03, 2011
Level 9 There is a great manual about changing the HDD of this certain model. You can take a look:​7_replace-hard-disk-dvd-recorder.html
And don`t underestimate the anti-static bracelet you can do a lot of damage without it.
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3 Inferno on Aug 05, 2011
Level 2 It shouldn't be that hard, just open up the case unscrew the old one and snap in the new one. Just make sure you check what kind of drive this thing uses (2.5" or 3.5") before buying a new one.

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